King Krule

Man of many faces and even more stage names will visit Poland for his very first club performance. Raised in Peckham, he was struggling with education and experimented with music since very young age. At only 23, Archy Marshall aka King Krule has already released three albums and plenty of songs under different stage names, including: Edgar, the Beatmaker, DJ JD Sports and Zoo Kid. Amount of his work is surely very impressive.

He has been touring all around the world while promoting 6 Feets Beneath the Moon. Now it’s time to promote an excellent, inspired by many genres, The Ooz. Album was highly praised by publications such as Pitchfork („It is the richest and most immersive album the London singer-songwriter has made yet”), Clash Magazine or Drowned Sound (”The OOZ creates a brutalist and beautiful terrain, one that we can wander vicariously through King Krule; it’s nothing short of a masterpiece”). Nobody expected that King Krule could again surprise his fans with his music and reach a whole new level, unavailable for many. British artist moves freely between different styles. He takes the listener on a noir-jazz and post punk journey, adding very characteristic vocals and a bit of electronic music on top of it. His work seems very introverted, but the lyrics, where he shares his struggles are crucial for it.