WWW / The Internet (Odd Future)

The Internet is a soul band created by producer Matt Martians and lead vocalist Syd “The Kyd” of Odd Future. The two met via Myspace in 2008, and later became good friends when Matt moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles in February of 2011. They began their first project together in May of that year, and by December had released it as a full-length album entitled Purple Naked Ladies.

The Internet recently released their second LP, a soul album entitled Feel Good, on September 24th through Odd Future Records. The whole band helped produce it alongside Chad Hugo from The Neptunes and Grammy award-winner Mike Einziger, who earned executive producer credit on the album. Chris and Patrick can be heard playing live drums and bass on almost every track, as well as keys by Tay who is also featured vocally on the album twice. The sultry instrumentals are complemented by heartfelt lyrics from Syd and guest vocalists such as Yuna and Mac Miller. Together these parts coalesce to present a fuller, more dynamic sound that has evolved and matured significantly since their debut album. Ultimately, you’ll witness a group of good friends having a great time creating something they hope will stand the test of timeless music.