Chrysta Bell

Chrysta Bell is an American singer, song-writer and an actress best known from TV series Twin Peaks. She also is a long-time work partner of David Lynch. She met the famous movie producer and compositor in 1999. This resulted with albums This Train and Somewhere in The Nowhere.

In 2017 Chrysta Bell released her new, solo album called We Dissolve. Her work is a fascinating hybrid of pop, soul, rock and jazz, often described as dream pop. Artist plans to release and promote her album in spring of 2018. She will visit many European cities during the tour.

„Electric and exctiting… Full of grace and enigmatic… Lynch himself wouldn’t tell her story in a better way” – Billboard.

Apart from her music work, Chrysta is trying her hand at acting. In may 2017 she debuted in a classic American TV series Twin Peaks, created by Davis Lynch. She plays the role of Tamara Preston, FBI agent.