Wild Nothing

The creators of such hits as "Shadow", "Summer Holiday" or "Chinatown" are the indie music exemplary for many indicators.

Wild Nothing was created less than a decade ago in the small town of Blacksburg, Virginia. The initiator of the whole event was Jack Tatum and over time other musicians joined him. The first two albums of the band have received wide echoes in the music world. The prestigious Pitchfork magazine awarded them a high mark, praised the reviews in the spirit of the 80s and even linked to Cocteau Twins.

Then a 4-year break in the band's operation was called. Musicians deciding to back two years ago, releasing Life with pause. At the end of August this tree, the Indigo light cover, referring to the first made Wild Nothing and evoking pleasant memories of the period. All albums have been released in the renowned Captured Tracks label, which include Mac DeMarco, DIIV or The Soft Moon